I had the honor to be able to participate together

with my friend Mario Boni as producer of three songs on Katy Winter`s album.

Famous Swiss Pop singer.

GEE-K Kopie.jpg

Another great pleasure was the collaboration as Rapper and Remixer on the single of Gee-K,

the Mr. Funk of Switzerland.

FREDA Kopie.jpg

The high light of my career as a music producer was my participation on the album of the famous band "Funky Brotherhood" with the extraordinary American Soul singer Freda Goodlet.

It was been a great pleasure to have been able to compose songs for a big Funk band with 14 musicians.

Unfortunately the album is not available anymore.

SWISS Kopie.jpg

A big honor was also the production of the single album "one voice of Switzerland" . 

A project of the Swiss state. 


This album was never released for the music market, but only for the representation of the musical culture in Switzerland.


To be able to produce two songs for Sky 189

(the great master of Freestyle) from Cape Town-South Africa was a honor.

Especially to support the Swiss-African HipHop scene with a great rapper and artist like Him.

The album is only available in physical form in record stores.


I had the great pleasure of being able to rap on a song for Massimo Natali`s album.

Italian singer-songwriter.

The full album is also available in physical form in record stores.


With great pleasure I participated on an album track by Doppia Erre and Dj Rees.

Very honored to have been able to rap on a track with fifteen other national and international rappers of the underground scene in Switzerland.

It was a unique and unforgettable experience.

The album is only available in physical form in record stores.