Jimmy Skizzo is a music producer, mastering engineer and illustrator of Italian origin.

He grows up with House, Funk and HipHop music in the 90's.

The inspiration and passion immediately bring him in contact with

electronic music.

He begins to spin his first vinyls as a DJ in clubs and bars.


It's not enough for him to stay only behind the turntables and so he grabs the microphone and launches his first rhymes in Italian.

Thus was born his first debut album as an artist with several collaborations.


Out of too much desire to do, Jimmy connects with other musical souls in his small homestudio, where his first productions for different national and international artists are published until today.


Another one of Jimmy Skizzo's great passions is drawing and art, already as a child, paper and pencil were his best friends. With the passing of time Jimmy

has evolved his unique cartoon style.


Currently, Jimmy Skizzo is dedicated to his roots of electronic music, producing House and Techno and is involved in several projects and collaborations.